About us

We – the Terebra team - bring together extensive medical knowledge, passion of making our world a better place to live and experience in introducing new products to the market. Neurosurgical expertise, machining engineering and creativity helped us to invent & develop next generation of surgical burrs with protective atraumatic features, that can actively prevent most common complications in spinal surgery at their point of origin.


Our mission is surgery without complications.

We introduce new surgical philosophy of atraumatic approach the spine, innovative techniques protecting every patient from iatrogenic injury during surgery.

Our solution - safe atraumatic burrs were created with one goal only: to uncomplicate surgery.


Facilitated approach to the spinal canal and reduced intraoperative complications lead to shorter surgery & recovery times – clear and often priceless benefits for every patient, every surgeon and every hospital. Another dimension of benefits are economic advantages for both patients (lower cost of surgery) and surgeon (more operations conducted in the same time). Not to mention about  sharpening the competitive edge due to reputation for excellence in spinal surgery.

How it works

We designed protective features based on mechanical improvements of the burr’s geometry. It pushes gently aside and effectively keep vulnerable anatomical structures apart from sharp cutting edges rotating nearby. Feasibility and usability of our solution is confirmed thanks to extensive prototyping and experimentations on animal models as well as human cadaver under realistic conditions. We accomplished the development of final design of atraumatic burrs and filed patent applications.



Terebra GmbH is a privately held medical device company (LLC) founded by friends in 2016 in Cologne/Germany. We are going to introduce to the market patented atraumatic surgical burrs, which actively prevent most common complications in spinal surgery, uncomplicating approach to the spinal canal, thus accelerating progress of the operation and shortening the overall surgery time significantly.

Spinal Surgeons

We are super excited to demonstrate you our atraumatic burrs and discuss all the aspects of considerably improved technique of the dorsal approach to the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

Please click below and schedule an appointment with us:

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The atraumatic approach to the spinal canal is new promising surgical technique. It facilitates bone removal and accesses many pathologies.  One of common relieve achieved thanks to our proven solution is removing herniated disc quickly and without significant risk of most common complications e.g. dural tears.

We are close to make our solution available in Europe and in the USA. Please check regularly our website to get latest news and ask also your surgeon how our atraumatic burrs solution can help you.


We decided to give everyone the opportunity to participate in our revolution and earn by investing in our company. Feel free to contact us to discuss details:

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Patent of the week

The medtech industry is leading the way in filing patents. From 1323 submissions to the German Patent and Trademark Office filed 2016, the Devicemed*) editorial team selects their weekly patent of the week. In the last week of October 2017 our atraumatic surgical burr has been awarded.


*) DeviceMed is the leading German trade magazine for medical device manufacturers and their suppliers. With a clear focus on industrial practice, all information relevant to the industry is bundled in one magazine, structured along the sections design engineering, production and management. Unique market overviews present available products and services.

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